FrSky Battery Voltage Sensor (FBVS-01)

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The FrSKY Battery Voltage Sensor is used with the FrSKY telemetry system. No hub is required to use this sensor. (Receiver must support external sensors.)
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FrSky Battery Voltage Sensor (FBVS-01)

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Battery Voltage Sensor FrSky Battery Voltage Sensor is provided as Two Way Telemetry System’s Optional Accessory. There are three voltage ranges to choose: 1S lipo for battery voltage range from 0V~6.6V, up to 3S lipo for 0V~13.2V and up to 5S lipo for 0V~19.8V. Please check the battery voltage division ratio for each option below: Recommended Voltage Option Max Lipo Pack Count Battery Voltage Division Ratio 1S 1S 2:1 2S 3S 4:1 3S 5S 6:1
Be Careful Review by Kerry
I am going to use the FBVS-01 voltage divider in my ALES/F5J planes to keep track of the battery voltage before the BEC. I noticed something strange when hooking it up to a FrSky 6XR receiver. You may not know but the FBVS can monitor the voltage directly from the motor battery. It's small and no big deal to stick it in. BUT – I didn't think much about it and made a plug for the battery balance connection 2 wires and the plug on the other end plugs into the 6XR (take the A1 jumper out and insert the FBVS) No big deal until you plug in the main battery positive wire before the black gnd after having connected the FBVS to the balance port! OMG it powers up the RX and the Speed Controller. Well the everything survived the surge current, you know the spark when you plug in the motor battery. I didn't have enough money in my pocket to destroy parts so I pulled plugs before experimenting with powering up the motor. I expect bad things would have happened when huge current tried to go through the little black wires!
The ground wire is a common path through the entire system and to monitor a battery this way you should only connect one of the FBVS-01 black ground wires. (Posted on 1/14/15)
works very well Review by DaddyBigas
This is a great little sensor. I wish FrSky made an official version of this for S.Port on the X series receivers. The OLED S.Port sensor is great but is overkill in some cases, especially for a small model. I highly recommend this sensor. (Posted on 11/19/14)
Quality RC Retailer Review by Preston
Quick shipping, item new as described with included instruction manual. (Posted on 7/24/14)
Incorrect set up Review by Dennis
Why would the positive(red lead) be on the end of the servo plug rather than on the centre just as the receiver A1 A2 expect.??
Not good. unless I am missing something.
Easy fix, but still!
(Note from Aloft- FrSky has used different pin layouts on different receivers. The FBVS is set up to plug directly into the D8R series receivers, but you make a good point.) (Posted on 2/22/14)
Simple yet very functional voltage sensor Review by Kintash
I bought 2 of these voltage sensors and I can tell that they are great. The included instructions are straight forward. These sensors enable to monitor the battery pack while in flight via the A2 telemetry port of the RX. My TX alerts me when is time to recharge the battery, therefore I no longer rely on timers. (Posted on 11/15/13)

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