FrSky Taranis - Transmitter & X8R Receiver, Blue Screen

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The revolutionary new transmitter by FrSky brings unheard of power and features at a very affordable price! Combo includes one (1) X8R 16 channel receiver with the Taranis transmitter.

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FrSky Taranis - Transmitter & X8R Receiver, Blue Screen

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Aloft Hobbies is very proud to introduce you to the FrSky Taranis!

If you could design your own transmitter, what would you include?  That is exactly what FrSky asked their customers.  The result is the Taranis! FrSky has succeeded in introducing a transmitter at an entry level price that outperforms many of the best name brand systems on the market.  You may worry that the quality has been cut to keep prices down.  Compromising quality for the sake of price is not the FrSky way.  FrSky may lack a fancy ad campaign and huge marketing budget, but they do not skimp on the hardware! 

The most important aspect for any transmitter is maintaining a rock solid connection with the receiver. FrSky is well known for the frequency hopping ACCST technology taking advantage of the entire 2.4GHz band resulting in excellent range and reliability. FrSky knows many things can affect the connection between Transmitter and receiver so RSSI (receiver signal strength indication) is incorporated into all telemetry receivers. The Taranis transmitter is continually monitoring the reception quality at the aircraft. Taranis will alert the pilot before signal quality becomes critical. This saves planes and makes the hobby much safer! 

In addition to RSSI, Taranis has other safety features. Receiver Lock allows you to lock a specific model in the transmitter to one and only one receiver. No more flying (crashing) with the wrong program selected. Taranis has three different types of Failsafe. 1 - Hold last known commands, 2- Goto a programmed state (cut throttle, flaps down, etc. 3- No output. (Triggers flight controllers with "go home" feature.) The RSSI feature means you probably won't ever use the failsafe. Voice Alerts Just like having a copilot, the transmitter will give you voice alerts on speaker or through the headphone jack. Count down timers, low voltage warnings, landing gear down, thermal mode entered, etc. can all be set up with human recorded voice of your creation, or sound packages shared online  from other hobbyists

The open-source software for the Taranis has been developed by hobbyist’s in the R/C community. The programmers of the transmitter’s firmware and companion software which runs on Linux, Windows, and Macintosh are very receptive to input and requests from users. There are no limitations based on marketing decisions. If you can think of it, chances are the Taranis is capable of doing it. With 60 model memories, tons of mixes, 9 flight modes, sequencing, servo speed, programmed delay all kinds of triggers, and the ability to assign any channel to anything, it is hard to come up with something this radio can't do. With this level of complexity, you would think the programming would be a real nightmare, but thanks to the forward thinking of the open source community, we can set up and test our programs on our favorite computer (PC, Mac or Ubuntu), it even features a handy set up wizard that will take care of most of the work! But they also made it easy to share programs freely via the USB port, or micro SD card on the back of the Taranis. 

Are you heavily invested in another RF system? No worries, the Taranis actually has a normal JR style module on the back that will accept modules for other transmitting protocols. In the model setup you simply tell the system if you are using the external module, and it shuts down the internal FrSky module. Now you can use your Futaba, Spektrum, JR, Aisin, and other receivers if you have a transmitter module that fits in a JR style module bay. Our UHF friends, can pass 12 volts directly to a UHF module, eliminating dangling wires and extra battery packs. 

FrSky has taken the hobby to a whole new level as they have evolved the transmitter to be more than a steering wheel. This is something truly special!


  • Full Telemetry RSSI alarms (warns you of signal reception problems before disaster can strike) 
  • Self test of the transmitter antenna
  • 16 channels (more when combined with external module)
  • 60 model memories
  • 64 mixers, 9 flight modes
  • 16 custom curves with 3-17 points each, 32 logic switches
  • Voice or custom sound alerts
  • USB and SD card slot for system expansion
  • Long range system capable of up to 3 times the range of current 2.4 systems 
  • Quad bearing gimbals that are silky smooth 
  • State-of-the-art open source software 
  • Large 212 X 64 backlit LCD screen 
  • Real-time data logging 
  • Receiver lock (program locked to aircraft - limited to FrSky receivers running PXX protocol) 
  • JR Style module bay for additional RF modules and so much more
  • Selectable flight mode (1, 2, 3, or 4) Ships in Mode 2, Throttle on left stick.
  • 2 timers, count up or down, throttle %, talking, etc.
  • Trims - Adjustable from course to extra fine with extended and exponential trims
  • Standard trainer jack
  • ARM Cortex M3 32-bit 60MHz
  • Integrates with CompanionTX – a FREE computer program that is a transmitter setup buddy. CompanionTX (Windows/Mac/Linux) is used to set-up models with the wizard, save, edit and share your models and settings as well as simulate your transmitter or model setup.
  • USB connection for firmware upgrades, sound editing, R/W to the microSD card and integrate with CompanionTX
  • Sticks and pots can be calibrated by the end user
  • Multiple language support (Radio arrives configured for English language)
  • Open source community-driven firmware, so unlike with major manufacturers if you need a special function or have good improvement suggestions just raise your voice, and don't be surprised if it's implemented a couple of days later! Visit to meet the developers!

It's no wonder people have been excited about this new transmitter. This hobby has never seen a more reliable and more affordable radio. FrSky has an excellent reputation for building high quality, highly reliable telemetry systems. The Taranis takes everything they have learned and pushes it to the next level!

The Combo comes with the following items:

  • Taranis Transmitter 
  • 2000mAh NiMH Low Self Discharge Battery
  • Battery Charger Adapter 
  • Neck Strap 
  • X8R - 16 channel, S.Bus, Smart Port Receiver

---> Check out these Documents & Videos <---

Further details can be seen HERE.

Download the Taranis Quick Start Guide HERE.

Check out this great video series! Gets you up and running faster with your new Taranis!  (Click Here)

If you are buying or bought a Taranis, we ask that you please make a donation to the Opensource firmware developers. Just click here to go to their paypal donation page. Thank you.

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Outstandingly Review by JC
By far, the best transmitter available. Better than others costing hundreds of dollars more!! Aloft is the best place to buy. Outstanding service! (Posted on 8/27/14)
issues Review by Larry
received the TRANIS I ordered. several issues. 1/ the left stick is limber, feels like the tension springs are way out of adjustment, slop around rudder neutral. 2 / Can't find GLIDER setup in menu. 3/ I find the tx setup and model set up rather old-school. 4/ Left slider has a mush feal at the end of the travel, than springs back several degrees.

Rated low at the start, If issues can be sorted out, may change. (Posted on 7/1/14)
Taranis Review by Thomas
Finally received my Taranis about 3 weeks ago after a short wait for it to come back in stock. What a nice radio. I have to say for an old guy that used Futarba for the last 35-40 years there is a huge learning curve after the basic 4 channel set up. But with all the information out there on the web anyone can set up this radio. There are many extras on this radio and once you get passed your first 5 to 6 channel setup you’ll be good to go! I found using Companion with model set ups and downloading back to the transmitter was a great help.
I have to pass along a big thanks to Wayne at Aloft Hobbies for helping with sounds after I wiped out the SD card. With out fail Wayne has answered every email I sent to him for help with the Taranis. Aloft Hobbies is the greatest!! Thanks Wayne! (Posted on 6/22/14)
taranis Review by steve
Just got my new Taranis in last week and well, only 1 complaint/ issue I have is I didn't / wasn't able to get it sooner (due to finances, NOT shipping!!) this is a really great radio that well, just seems right, price isn't as extreme as most of the "other" radios on the 8+ channel line up and the features/options when it comes to the open tx software and all the switches and pots and the option of the expansion tx bay and sd card make this a no brainer, Add to that the telemetry and audio, this tx is amazing along with Aloft service and expertise makes me a very confident new owner of what i call my "big boy" radio even though I giggle a bit every time Top Gun "danger zone" plays a bit when i take off (easy to put any sound to any situation or switch) this by far is the best purchase i have made in my rc hobby and I am sold on the expert help i received when I was just starting to even look at a newer radio and how fast the staff answered my email and how helpful they are. They even helped me save a few bucks when I made my order by going over what options i wanted for what planes, hence why put a 8 ch full telemetry rx on a cheap 4ch foamy battle wing? but yet you can if ya want to, I love the option of a cheap 4 ch "basic" rx for my small foamies and full bells and whistles on the nicer non battle or combat wings. (Posted on 6/10/14)
Awesome Radio! Review by Matt
First of all Taranis Radio is awesome! I got one of the first ones made. It wasn't perfect when it came out, and I understand that. For the price point FrSky hit a home run. When I first took it out of the case the sliders screamed CHEAP, but I lived with it. What I love about the company is that they listen to the consumer, fix the issues, and make the parts available for a decent price. So far I have replaced the gimbals for FREE, and spent a few bucks on the charge circuit and sliders. What other manufacturer offers this kind of support? BTW sliders are silky smooth and have a quality feel. On a final note Aloft Hobbies ROCKS!! (Posted on 4/28/14)
Dream come true Review by ashtodust2000
I finally got the radio I have been dreaming about!

And let me tell you it does not disappoint!

You all know all the good things about, so I will bring up the only flaws I could find.
#1 When using modules, they don't sit all the way down in the pocket.
#2 The neck strap balancer is right on top of the swich, they could have extended it out more.
#3 You will fall in love with the voices on the switches,no more guess work.

(Posted on 4/7/14)
I dont have words for this... Review by Fernando
This radio is truly the pinnacle of human achievement. I received mine today, and it is truly a thing of beauty. The presentation is a delight, as you slowly open the silver case to observe the solid, well built jewel within, you will be overcome with pleasurable sensations. The switches have a satisfying solidness to them as you flick them back and forth repeatedly, indulging in your pleasure. The pots move smoothly back and forth as if you were caressing a fine woman. With the internal XJT module for 16 channels and an external XJT module for a further 16 channels, you have considerable room for expansion.

Without writing more words as my fingers are getting sweaty from the idea of using the radio, i say a good bye, and without a doubt thanks to the FrSky and Aloft Team for this exceptional product. (Posted on 4/4/14)
Taranis impressions Review by Yeasah
* Extremely flexible and punches way, way above its weight in terms of features
* Good RF -- low latency, bidirectional with telemetry, inexpensive receivers with a wide range of options
* Very nice gimbals. Action feels great, very configurable -- ratchet/friction/tension/etc.
* Internal build quality is very nice, particularly at this price point
* Individual repair parts are available for purchase -- we service our own models, why not the radio? I love this.
* JR-type transmitter module socket -- drop in UHF for long range, DSM for BNF models, etc.
* Voice announcements are surprisingly useful -- configurable alerts for just about any condition you want to know about, and you can keep your eyes on the model

* Programming is a bit cryptic. This is the flip side of the flexibility coin
* Sliders are total crap. Supposedly upgrades will be available soon, though.
* The case of the radio (plastic enclosure of the tx itself, not the carrying case) is not of excellent quality. There are no functional defects that I can see, just aesthetic. It does not look like a premium product in this regard.
* When the tx is enabled (i.e. when actually flying a model), RF interference causes a constant low-level buzz in the built in speaker. Apparently this can be worse when using certain higher power TX modules.
* Neck strap balancer mounts directly above the power switch and partially blocks it. You can still use it, but it's slightly annoying and a bit dorky.
* FrSky seems to be having difficulty making enough of this stuff -- not just the tx, but some of the s.port telemetry modules and other accessories are hard to find right now. Hopefully this is temporary.

Despite the minor cons, this is a fantastic product overall.
(Posted on 3/9/14)
Great Radio Review by scott
Using mine for DLG. I was able to set up a Launch setting, Cruise setting, Thermal setting and Speed setting. AND...... I gave each a voice reminder so I hear which mode I'm using. I also set up flaperons (with differential). I loaded a 3 minute verbal countdown that is on a separate switch so I can practice. You can install WAV files and use countdowns, warnings and even play music. It stores 60 models in memory and each can have it's own unique image so you don't load the wrong model when flying.
I also created a timer to let me know long I have been flying. AND........if you aren't good with setting up custom mixes, you can download files from friends or the Internet and install pre-made model setups.

On top of all that, the radio has telemetry. All my previous radios limited my abilities. The only limitation with a Taranis is your imagination.

As usual, Aloft customer service, shipping and pricing is the best. (Posted on 3/8/14)
Awesome tx. Review by Vance
For the price, this transmitter can't be beat. Is it perfect? No, but no transmitter is. I think it would have been nearly perfect if it had touch screen interface instead of the buttons. You can get around that by hooking it up to your pc to do programming and setting changes though and that is easy. I find the programming a little odd, but that should ease as I get used to it. It has a rock solid link between tx and rx. Not one singlw glitch experienced yet. I rellay like that it does rx battery voltage and signal strength standard. And I like the idea of the smart port sensors eliminating the need of a seperate sensor station box. The gimbals are just as good as the gimbals in my Hitec Aurora 9 and I still can not feel a difference in latency between the Aurora 9 and any other tx.

Please release more smart port sensors. (Posted on 2/1/14)
Great transmitter. Review by Isaac
I also own the futaba 8fgs and the spectrum dx8 and the taranis is now my favorite radio. The ability to always turn off the RF when playing a flight sim buy just turning it off for my flight sim 'model' is great. I also love the ability to configure it from a computer. Obviously the telemetry is awesome. Very easy to use radio. Love it. (Posted on 1/28/14)
absolutely great Review by gus
This radio is well worth the wait. My first computer radio, taking a while to learn but everything is falling into place. Service at Aloft is the best in the industry. The best prices, too. (Posted on 1/22/14)
Unbelieveable. Review by Kristian
After losing a glider due to signal loss at 500ft (Even used a satellite rx) I knew it was time to move on, so I bought the Taranis.
The hardest part for me was trying to get out of the old programming mentality where I had to work within the confines of the menus.
Once it clicked, it took only 15 minutes to have a full-house glider set up with crow, flaps, dual aileron and air-brakes.
Specking out no longer makes me nervous about losing my aircraft - having RSSI telemetry is simply awesome.
The sticks feel great, everything is assignable, I cant find anything bad to say about the FrSky setup.
Paired with the X8R receiver (Which is remarkable for the price) this is an unbeatable combination and will do everything you ask of it.
The Taranis is a game-changer. (Posted on 12/26/13)
order from aloft comes ontime and is supported by personnal email replies Review by charlie m
I have picked up the taranis and multiple RX and sensors. I check here first for my needs. When I order from over seas I hope it comes then I hope it works. I have never had an issue with aloft. Fast and 100% thank you Wayne! (Posted on 12/25/13)
Loving it so far Review by randy
I'm new to open source and to FrSky. I did not realize how limited I was with my DX7. I am just now digging into the radio and the learning curve for me is a little steep, but I am picking it up quite easily - so for all those wondering, if I can do it you surely can.

This is a great radio. (Posted on 12/24/13)
If I could marry it I would. Review by FPVav8tr
I've done nothing but enjoy the Taranis for the last month that I've had mine. I spend more time with it than my wife. Too much information? I spent the last 30 years with a Futaba....never again. (Posted on 12/2/13)
A tasty treat that makes my RC life easier Review by Ed
I had been following this radio for some time (since its initial beta testing), lusting after the 16-32 channels and the flexibility of programming. Doing R/C Model warship combat, I need at least 15-16 channels for just a r 5urreted ship to provide independent and coordinated fire control. the programming also requires relatively complex mixes not available on most radios, and the custom software switches, highly tweak-able curves, and other software features make it relatively straightforward to achieve relatively complex behaviors with minimal control inputs.

Ergonomics is the best of any radio in my collection, and the bang for the buck is off he charts, and having 32 control channels available is off the charts good.

Wayne's prompt and courteous service is the icing on this tasty treat!

My hat is off to all the open-source programmers, video tutorial guys, FRSky and Wayne for taking the RC controller to a whole new level that is accessible to newbs and expert hackers alike. (Posted on 10/18/13)
Easier then I thought! Review by Skippy
I just set up my first complex glider that features flaps, spoilers(air brakes), ailerons and elevator and rudder. I have all of my mixing up and running (crow, snap flap, aileron -> Flap, spoilerons and air brakes, flaps -> elevator, and dual rates and sounds and warnings all programmed, plus various switches to arm mixes). I then assigned my differential and the flap elevator compensation to trims so I can adjust those in flight.

I wanted to tackle this plane as I knew it was going to be my most complex, and I should be able to base most other planes off this set up. I'd say that it took me about the same time to set up this complex plane with the Taranis as it would have with my Futaba 9C, maybe even a bit less time. Both would have required some searching and manual reading, but the Taranis set up is much cleaner, and I was able to dial a few bugs out of the plane that the Futaba would not have allowed. (Flaps did not throw evenly.)

I have been flying a number of smaller aircraft with the system and am very impressed with the range. It has been rock solid, and the sticks feel great! I wasn't sure I'd like them as I loved my Futaba 9C, but these are much nicer, the whole radio is much nicer.

I really like this radio! Thanks FrSky and thank you Aloft Hobbies!

p.s. Everyone at my field wants one. (Posted on 10/6/13)
Great Value from a great vendor Review by P63H
I just received my Taranis and am 'blown-away' by its features. I'm working on a 1/5 scale P-63 that will require about 14 channels. When I first read about the FrSky conversions I changed over all my Brand "F" to 2.4Ghz. Now with the Taranis at the head of my stable I can't see much use for them...and Aloft Hobbies have done all within their means to get this fine radio out to the public as soon as they are available.

Five stars!!! (Posted on 9/21/13)
DYN-O-MITE Review by Jofi
This radio is in a league of its own. no radio under $1000 comes even close. I am blown away by my Taranis. It warns me if I am approaching my stall speed. it can verbally speak the distance, voltage, airspeed, altitude etc. it will verbally warn me when I am not paying attention. all around the audio is flawlessly integrated into the radio and although not perfect the development moves at lighting speed. all I can sat is GET ONE! you wont be disappointed. (Posted on 7/28/13)
Feedback Review by Ken
I was fortunate enough to get my Taranis combo and I know that it will be a little challenging to get comfortable with it, especially coming from the Spektrum world. So here's the feedback; GOOD COMMUNICATION--FAST SHIPPING--product package well and received in good condition. I have bought several things from Aloft and am always extremely satisfied with my purchases, Wayne is always a great guy to deal with!!! (Posted on 7/23/13)

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Product FAQs

When will this be back in stock?

We work closely with FrSky and expect new shipments about every other week, maybe sooner.

How do you Prebuy? I don't see a link..Thanks

If there is not an add to cart button, then we are currently sold out. You will need to wait until we have more to offer. We simply are not comfortable selling something if we do not have a commitment from the manufacturer.

What receivers are compatible with this transmitter?

The Taranis can work with a wide range of receivers. You can use ALL of the FrSky receivers except for the very early V8 (non-telemetry). You can use the more recent V8-II series. (You will bind them using the telemetry emulation mode, please see the product instructions for details.) So out of the box the Taranis will work with any V8-II, D, X and LR series receivers. You can also use other manufacturers receivers. FrSky knows that some folks are heavily invested in their current receivers, so they made sure they had an option for these users. The back of the radio features a JR style module, you can simply place a module for your existing system into the back of the Taranis. (Please check to see if your current manufacturer offers such a module, most do.) Then when setting up your model in the Taranis, you simply tell it you are using the external module. The radio automatically turns off the internal module, and turns out the external module when you select that model memory. We do recommend you use FrSky Telemetry Receivers so that you can enjoy the highest quality radio link.

Will the V8-II series receivers work with the new FrSky Taranis 16 ch radio?

Yes, but you will be giving away one of the key parts of the FrSky telemetry system, the RSSI feedback. The RSSI warns you if you have any reception issues at the aircraft. A real plane saver!! We highly recommend the telemetry receivers unless you have a good reason not to run one. They save planes, and as a result are good for the hobby.

After reading the specs, was wondering why the DJT module would be used with this radio? It appears that the Taranis radio is fully equipped internally with all that the DJT module provides(?)

If you want to expand the 16 channels to 24 channels, you could use the DJT. Or if you want to use OLD V8 series receivers (prior to the current II versions), then you would need the DJT. Otherwise you do not need it as the internal module can already talk with all the telemetry receivers.

(The Taranis works with all D series, X series and the V8-II series receivers. )

If you wanted to expand the Taranis to 32 channels, then you will want to use the XJT module and use X series recievers. 

I am considering purchasing this combo but have a couple questions:1). which revision of the taranis are you selling? How can we tell the the difference in revisions by serial number?2). is there an authorized service center in the U.S.?

We always sell the most current versions of all FrSky gear. Or stock is typically only 1 or 2 weeks old, this guarantees you the latest versions. Aloft Hobbies is the North American service center. We stock all available parts, and are happy to make any repairs needed, or you are free to buy the parts and make your own repairs, saving you considerable shipping expense and time.