FrSky FLD-02 - LCD Display

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The FLD-02 LCD Display connects to the D series (telemetry) modules and presents the telemetry data.
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Compatible with D-series transmitter modules: DFT (Futaba), DJT (JR) and DHT (DIY)

Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 12mm
Screen Resolution: 128 x 64 pixels

Show all connected sensors data
Capable of programming alarm thresholds
Firmware upgradable.


To use a receiver's internal bettery voltage sensor (D6FR, D8R-II/D8R-XP plus with A1 port jumpped) Voltage ratio should be set to 4:1 as dafult. To use FBVS-01 sensor, ratio must be the same set as FBVS-01.

Max voltage for A1/A2 is 3.3V, the value is 255.

The formula of alarm value is: Alarm volt / ratio / 3.3 * 255

For example, to set alarm for a 3s pack at 5.7V, the value will be:

5.7 / 6 / 3.3 * 255 = 73

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Great Product and Service Review by Mike
I upgraded my fleet to 2.4 a number of years ago with a new Futaba high end transmitter and Futaba receivers. Recently I bought a few FrSky/Futaba FASST receivers and liked the way they worked.

This left my older Futaba 9C Super on 72mhz unused. From my positive experience with the FrSky/Futaba FASST receivers I decided that the FrSky DFT telemetry module would be a great way to upgrade the Futaba 9C Super and put it back in use with the latest telemetry features. I also purchased the FrSky FLD-02 LCD display to program low voltage alarms in the DFT telemetry module. I’m using a FrSky D8r-II Plus receiver and it all works very well.

The service provided by Aloft Hobbies is really great and gave me a lot of confidence that I’d made the right decision.
(Posted on 11/19/14)
Very cool... Review by RandyR
I don't really like the idea of looking down at my transmitter's main LCD panel to see telemetry, so this little screen rocks. It can be mounted up at the top of your transmitter and plugs into the DJT or XJT module with a single little cable... couldn't be simpler. Just showing the RSSI values from the control radio link is invaluable, but when you toss-in GPS coordinates (if your aircraft is so equipped and connected to the FrSky), it's terribly useful (esp. if your aircraft has a malfunction and you have to go out hunting for it.) The backlight makes it easy to read.
Love it. (Posted on 9/5/14)
Nice, but alarm doesn't work with LiPo sensors Review by xtrmtrk
Note that you can't set the alarms on this to measure individual cell voltage if you're using the FLVS-01 LiPo alarm. You can see the individual cell voltages in the display, but can't alarm on them. (Posted on 7/23/13)
A really cool "must have" item to complete your telemetry radio system. Review by Geroge Junior
This screen just plugs into the transmitter module and displays all kinds of neat data. Without any sensors plugged in it reports reciever battery voltage and the signal strength from both the transmitter and the receiver! Add a hub and some other sensors and you get all kinds of great data.

It also makes programming alarms super easy. Or even locating a lost model. I have had to use it for that once, and it worked great. (My son landed off field after the battery ran down, but now I have the lipo sensor, so no more worries.) (Posted on 2/15/12)

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Product FAQs

Will the FLD -02-LCD plug into the FRSKY module.

Yes, it is designed to plug into the DHT, DFT and DJT modules.